My birthday is on October 29th, so Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I am always looking for awesome costume ideas where I can make everything myself. This year, I was searching the Coolest Homemade Costumes site in August, and came across the idea to do a group KISS costume. I pitched it to my friends, and we were off.

We first went shopping at Joann Fabrics to get the basic fabric and paint items. I was going to be Ace Frehley, or Spaceman so I purchased a pair of black leggings and a tight black top to decorate. My friend Leah was doing Gene Simmons, she also used basic leggings and a black crop top underneath. I found black go-go type boots at a thrift store. I spray painted silver zigzags onto my boots, and the side of my pants. I added glitter and rhinestones. I made a vest using sequined fabric. Leah created her cape, vest, belt and knee covers with a black leather-like fabric. And because large studs were expensive, and  hard to find, she spray painted buttons instead.

Leah’s boyfriend, Eric, was Starchild. He added stars to a jacket and black leather-like pants. And since men’s platform boots are difficult to find, and expensive, he used some YouTube tutorials to add platforms to some flat boots. For the cat, we decorated simple black pants and I made a vest from black fabric and added silver trim.

We did buy wigs and guitars. The guitars were ordered from the Rockhouse Bar in Vegas. They were spray painted, and had pieces added to look like the actual KISS guitars. They also were able to hold 80 oz of whatever beverage you wished. It made for a cheap night out! We bought Mehron brand grease paint and used brushes to apply. It turned out great!

We got such an awesome response the whole time we were out. So many people took pictures with us and came up to talk with us. We were even invited up on stage at one bar to dance to a KISS song! The costumes took a lot of work but were well worth it!