I might be a “bad” influence when it comes to Halloween but it didn’t take much – OK, any – convincing to get my co-workers to dress up as KISS for Halloween with me. Everyone did their own costume, so I can tell you how I did mine (Star Child), but the best part of these costumes were the reactions we received when we went out and about as a group.

People wanted their photo with us when we went to the local coffee shop for espresso, and cheered and played KISS songs for us when we went to the local dive bar hang out for a beer after work. There was also a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ from passersby when we’d walk down the street \m/ \m/. We all basically just stuck with items that were black and/or silver and added embellishments and bedazzled boots.

For my costume: Boots-I already had black lace-up boots that looked pretty badass so I just wore those and used costume tape to place silver stars on them that I cut out of silver confetti dot fabric (these stars were also placed on my leggings and sleeves of my shirt). I bought new black leggings at a thrift store for $6 and a metallic silver skirt online for $12. I already had the corset but couldn’t really wear it to work without something under it so I bought a cheap $6 long sleeve round neck black shirt, which I cut into a scoop neck and trimmed the new collar line with the silver confetti dot fabric. I also made fingerless gloves out of the same silver fabric.

Once I placed the stars and glued them on and tried everything on, I wasn’t sure if I didn’t look a little like a scary Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, so I sewed a casing in the bottom of the skirt and added elastic to make it a bubble skirt (less majorette looking). It wasn’t until the makeup was on that it all came together. I used one of my star cutouts to block my right eye while I sprayed white Spirit Spray makeup on the rest of my face.

Then I just had to draw the star and eye/eyebrow in black and add red lipstick. One of my co-workers (Gene Simmons) actually had her husband do her makeup before work! One of our photos even made it on the local evening news. All in all, best costumes ever!