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Coolest 80’s Rocker Chick Costume

First of all I totally rock, so I totally had to build the best rocker chick costume I could think of so the first thing that came to mind was a totally 80’s Punk Rocker Chick.

I went to some local thrift shops and picked up a few items such as a black tank top and some black lace up army boots. I also got a great deal on some totally awesome black netting which I used for the tutu skirt and I found a white lace top which I sprayed with hot pink colored hair spray and cut to a belly shirt to go over my black top. And with the remainder of the shirt I made some cute fingerless gloves to match

I bought a lot of accessories such as cross and star jewelry and a choker and purple colored hair spray and some very hot green eyeshadow and matching nail polish at the dollar store (way cheap). I had the belt already and it seemed to go perfectly with the ensemble. Oh yeah and I also bought the striped hot pink leggings which I think are what really ties all the pink together. Then I just added a green net hair bow but later I decided to go with a headband.

One of the pictures that I am submitting is of my best friend who was trying on all of the costumes I have made for the past couple of years to see which one she was going to borrow and the other picture is of me wearing the same outfit at a party along with her in the Dorothy costume I made, and my Bro in the Jesus/Rob Zombie outfit that I had also made

On the Dorothy costume I just found a dress with the blue gingham print like Dorothy then I ripped it apart and sewed it back together so that it would look how I wanted it to, put some buttons on for the straps and added a white shirt underneath then I just took the remainder of the dress material made some hair bows and bought some white ankle socks i also had some strips of red stretchy sequence which I taped on to the tops of some baby doll shoes that I already had, to create the ruby slippers and that was about it for Dorothy

The Jesus costume has been around for about 3 years and always gets a new twist to it (this year was the Rob Zombie version) it was very simple to make. All I did was buy some old drapes from the good old thrift store and sewed them into his lovely robe with a belt to tie it tight and the crown of thorns of course was made from some old plastic fake flower stems he says that it is very comfortable and it was way easy to make.

Rocker Chick Costume

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