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Cool Woman Cat Costume That Turned Heads

I absolutely adore Halloween, which is not as per usual for a young person- nonetheless for a young lady. Every year I try to out do myself from the year before with an outrageous idea or unbelievable makeup. I wanted to make some sort of cat costume one year, because I love cats almost as much as I love Halloween.

At first, I thought of catwoman, but I quickly rejected that idea, as it was difficult to find a costume that would not look cheap. With close to a month left to come up with an idea for a costume, I had a revelation, Why not make my own cat costume, and go all out on the makeup? So, I searched high a low for cute ears and some paws to go along, but everything I found was unacceptable for what I wanted to accomplish. Then, when I was about to give up hope, I was exploring a Halloween-themed store and I found my ears, a tail and paw-sleeves! Unfortunately, that was about all I found for my costume.

I figured- when all else fails, try a tutu! I went to Hot Topic and found an all- black corset type top that was sleek enough to pass as a cat torso. When I searched for my tutu, I knew I had to find one that matched my ears and paws. I could not find a two-colored tutu, so I settled on buying two separate tutus, one pink, one black, and I layered them.

Once I had my costume set, I knew I had to make my makeup equally amazing. Therefore, I did my research on YouTube and by looking at real cat pictures. I realized that cats had one thing I didn’t put into my costume. Those majestic and mesmerizing eyes. Because I wear contacts, I looked into the Halloween options. I found a set of really cool cat eyes, but because they had to be prescription, I had to order them. I was told that they would arrive the weekend before Halloween, which worried me to death! Fortunately, they arrived just on time.

When the great day finally came, I put on my costume, transformed myself into a cat, and curled my hair to make it look more feral and my costume was complete!
That day, I had to go to high school, and boy did I get looks.. People liked my costume so much, that I got a picture of myself dressed up in my yearbook! The downside to my costume was my contacts. The slits would turn and end up lopsided and my vision was limited and often blurry. However, I believe it was well worth it!
At the mall, where the pictures I provided are, many strangers that saw my eyes stared and even took pictures of me! I am extremely proud of myself and my costume, and I hope to live up to expectations each coming year.

Cool Woman Cat Costume That Turned Heads

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