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Original Day of the Dead Cat Costume

I LOVE cats! And I love the Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos), the Mexican holiday. So why not combine them both?

I’ve been practicing with my face-paints and looked for ideas online for Day of the Dead makeup, and even found Day of the Dead cat statues for sale online, so I got my inspiration from them. I did a trial run of my make up the week before to try and finalize some ideas. Make up took a little while the day of the party, because I’m a perfectionist! I like that the face-paint is forgiving, and if you make a mistake, you can just use a q-tip and water to spot-clean!

I put in my blue contacts, and had false eye lashes that had sparkly gems for my upper and lower lids. After people saw pictures, they asked me how I made the mask, they were surprised to find out it was all make up! I used Snazaroo face paints. And they wash off really well!

For my outfit, I just picked some old leggings and a tank top that I didn’t’ wear much anymore, and took some white acrylic paint that I had and painted on the bones. I had some socks that had bones on them, so I wore those as well. For the tail, I just stuffed some black pantyhose with stuffing, painted on bones, and pinned it to my leggings. I came up with the painting idea the day before we had to go to a party, last minute!

I had the wig with cat ears from last year. (Cat costumes always come in handy) And this one was super easy to make. I had long gloves with bones on them, and I hot glued long sparkly nails to look like claws.

I went to a party and got a lot of great comments. A few people said I was a little freaky to look at. Lol!

Hope you like it.

Original Day of the Dead Cat Costume

Original Day of the Dead Cat Costume

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