This is how we made our coolest home made female pinup male groom Day of the Dead couple costume:

For my girlfriend’s costume: Her costume was for a Day of the Dead pinup contest, and together for a couple costume contest. She ended up getting second place but I think she should have won. She bought the corset and accessorized it with flowers and a too too that she made from scratch by buying mesh material and painting it black. For skelly arms she ended up cutting out the bones by drawing them and gluing it onto black sleeves and applying some glow in the dark paint. The skelly gloves and legs were bought separately. The mesh accessories in her hair were bought at a thrift store and painted black and red.

For my costume: The shift, vest, slacks, and shoes were pulled from my closet. The hat was bought at a thrift store for around $5 dollars and was accessorized by my girlfriend with the same mesh used for her hair, and topped off with the same type of flower used for her costume. To finish it off I bought a bow that was accessorized with a red skull that my girlfriend had.

For the makeup: She bought Halloween makeup and we both applied it in the car right before the event. Not bad for applying it in the car I think!

I’m not sure how much her costume was in total, but mine was around $15 at the most. Everybody loved our costume and we were getting stopped all day for people to take pictures with us.

On a side note, big thanks to Darlene Martinez for taking our pictures.