My boyfriend and I worked really hard on my costume this year. We are huge Walking Dead fans, so I just knew I had to be Michonne and come up with a cool way to make her Zombie Pets, and through some trial and error, we succeeded!

We made the zombies out of Styrofoam  shaping it to look like an actual face and body, minus the jaws and arms because they don’t have them!  We used corn syrup and red food coloring to dye Spanish moss and pinned it to the bottom of the face to give the ripped off jaw effect.  We stuck long picks through the Styrofoam to hold it together.  We cut out holes for the eyes, and for 1 zombie we put plastic eyeballs in the holes and painted them to have a zombie-like effect.

The other set of eyes were LED lights to glow in the dark!  Then we used clay to cover the Styrofoam to make give our zombies skin and texture, and spray painted it to achieve the color of the zombies.  Then we attached some old jeans with pins and wire to give them legs.  We then stuck a wooden stick in each of the backs and attached plastic chains around the necks and hung them around the sticks so they would have the effect of them being chained to me.

For the Michonne part of the costume, I used brown eye shadow to make my skin a similar shade to hers.  For the dread lock hair, I used black yarn and braided thick strips together, and bobbie pinned them each individually to my own hair.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my costume, Walking Dead fan or not!