The Zombie costume, first I had to get some old clothes, from the Good will. I only spent 13 dollars and I got a long sleeve shirt (pale green), and old tie, any color depending what you where buried in lol, old black shoes (worn), some grey slacks that fit, and a old coat, (dark, slightly larger than what I usually wear to make me look skinnier.

After that I had to make the clothes look old and tattered like I crawled out of the grave and crawled around, so I got a blow torch to burn the edges of the coat and shirt, the coat was polyester so the burn made it wrinkle and distorted. I did the edges and lapel. I burned the pants as well to make them looked tattered and worn. I scrapped up the shoes in the street dragging them around behind my bike a while. I also lit a sparkle and let it burn the material on the coat and pants. Then I got scissors and cut the edges of the coat and cut out gashes to make it look torn.

This took me several days. I kept tattering the clothing to make it look really bad and creepy. After that I added blood stains to the shirt/coat around the collar and and sleeves to make it look as I were into eating some flesh as zombies do. This was messy, I used theatrical blood, and the thick blood that dries but looks wet. I let it dry for a day, if it needed more I would add more.

After that, the make up, you can get it at any Halloween store or Debt store. Get dark colors, green, black, brown, grey, blue, also I purchased FX latex skin pieces. I got one that had a eye hanging out of the socket, you apply this first using spirit gum, get lots of spirit gum cause you will need it. I used liquid latex (a lot) to make my skin look distorted. Also I used press on sore tatoos on my arms and wrist and neck. Anything to make my flesh look rotting and gross.  I colored my nails black but sloppy, and I found zombie teeth and painted them red and brown for effect with blood paint.

The make-up took about 4 hours. So be patient. Then I was ready to scare, which I did. I looked pretty creepy. Scared a lot people walking around moaning and such.. some thought I was a real zombie… now come on….