Every year when the weather starts to change I get excited because I know my favorite time of the year is near. The time to become some else, to live in a fantasy world for one night,. Halloween is not just about candy but about being able to express yourself, to walk in someone else’s shoes and to let your inner self out. For me, it is not just getting dressed up and going out for a fun night. It is about letting my creativity run free. I love the challenge of gathering completely irrelevant items and creating the look that I want to achieve. Every year we have been different characters from Burger King and Ronald McDonald to Batman and cat woman but have never been anything scary. This year we decided to attend a Zombie Crawl. I wanted to still go as a “couple” zombie, so we decided Bride and Groom would be perfect. I started looking around the Internet and found many photos for inspiration. I have never experimented with special effects makeup so the challenge was exciting.