So it all started one night in June… I was mindlessly wandering through Pinterest and I started to think about what I should be for Halloween (big jump… I know). I asked my boyfriend if he had any ideas, to which he stopped playing his Batman game on the Xbox and thought for a second: “how about Harley Quinn? But not the normal one, the sexy one from ArkhamCity” I started looking at pictures, and liked the idea but not the costume as-is. So then my rampage started, I decided that not only was I going to be Harley, but that my boyfriend would be the joker… and his friends might as well join in too. So I present to you, the Batman Villains: Harley Quinn, The Joker, Two Face, the Scarecrow, Catwoman (and the Riddler, Poison Ivy, and A Lady Penguin… I only worked on pieces of theirs though, not the whole thing).

I started with a ridiculous amount of trips to the Goodwill. Here is what I got and how it was altered:

The Joker: The Jacket – a black trench coat cut and hemmed into coat tails, spray painted purple, a purple patch added to the shoulders/back, and a hand painted (fake) flower pinned to the lapel. I also added fake gold sleeves to the ends of the jacket sleeves to make it appear part of the shirt. The Pants – Black pinstriped pants spray painted purple with a patch on the knee and a gold chain added to the side. The Shirt – a yellow button up with the front covered in a gold fabric which snaps to the side to look like a double breasted shirt, then accented with a handmade green bow-tie. We found the white gloves at Spirit, the only thing not made/altered by me.

Two Face: A black suit from the Goodwill was just a little too small for this guy so I used the opportunity to have the “burnt” side ripped up quite a bit so he could move his shoulders. We attempted to actually burn the suit, then realized it was just going to melt and get all stinky… This led to a marathon of painting the burns onto the suit for a few days, the week before Halloween (nothing like the last minute!) His shirt was burnt with a blowtorch then rubbed in the beauty bark outside for color.

And that’s it for store bought stuff; the rest of the things I touched were made from scratch!

Catwoman: I made her mask from one of those cheap white creeper masks from JoAnne’s, puff paint, black spray paint, then elastic and vinyl left over from my costume (THE BEST TO COME!). I made her utility belt (WITH a functioning pocket) from leftover fabric and a silver sharpie. Her thigh high boots were made with a pair of Goodwill pumps, Black swimsuit fabric, and a whole lot of hot glue. Then she wore cat ears a black shirt, gloves, and leggings and PRESTO Catwoman it is!

The Scarecrow: This was a pain in the hiney and it should have been the easiest one… A burlap feed bag from Dels, Twine, black embroidery floss, and a whole lot of patience! The burlap was a really loose weave so I had to be really careful stitching it all together with the twine and a quilting needle. Then he wore a suit he already had.


OK I’m really proud of this one, my rendition of Harley Quinn based loosely off of the Arkham City Harley. Every Single Piece of this costume is made from scratch, down to the rivets in the belt (with the exception of the base of the shoe)

I started with the bra, then moved to the black under-vest – the crooked buttons will haunt me forever, but they are functional! I’m lucky enough to have a dress form so most of this was just pinning and hoping for the best, no patterns at all. Then came the shorts, gloves, boots (a platform heel from Goodwill covered with vinyl from my costume and finished with a bunch of hot glue), leggings, corset, bracelets, choker, and hair pieces. This costume took me about 3 months off and on to make, but it was so worth it.

We went out to a couple bars the weekend before Halloween and EVERONE loved our costumes. With 10 people we were a little overwhelming (Batman and Robin showed up later!) We were asked by so many people if we could be in their pictures and the Joker was even able to talk our way into the VIP section of the club! No prizes were won… there wasn’t a GROUP costume category so we lost to a green army guy for most creative. All in all it was a fantastic night and we hope we can wear them again!