Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Here’s how I made my Harleyy Quinn Costume. I’ll start from the top!

  • I got the wig from a store on ebay called pengshuai2012. It came down but I put it into pigtails since that’s how Harley wears her hair.
  • The makeup is Mehron brand, it’s theatrical quality makeup I got from a store called Illusions Costume Co.
  • I got the choker from Hot Topic years ago. I’ve used it for many costumes, dances, and daily attire.
  • I got the bra(s) from Walmart. I bought a pack of two bras, one red and one black. Then I cut both of them in half and sewed a black and a red together.
  • I got the the under bust corset from a store on Etsy called JackyStyle.
  • I got the gloves from Spirit Halloween and then I cut the finger tips off.
  • I made the skirt from a McCall’s pattern M4582.  I then printed out a diamond, traced it on the same material used to make the skirt and cut them out. I then used stitch witchery to iron the diamonds onto the skirt.
  • The black and red tights also came from Spirit Halloween.
  • The shoes are kind of hard to see but I got them from Plato’s Closet.

How it Went with the Harley Quinn Costume

The hardest part was finding the right corset/under bust. I thought I found the right one but then it was a different color in the store than it appeared to be in the picture. I thought I found another one but it wouldn’t ship in the right amount of time. Then finally I found what I hoped was the right one and after waiting forever since it was coming from Hong Kong. It finally arrived, and it was perfect!

As for the bras, originally I was going to buy a Harley Quinn Bra that they had at Hot Topic but they ran out. So then I planned on buying a white bra and dying either end red and black. But instead, I bought a two pack, cut them in half and sewed the two colors together.

The skirt was the only thing I actually hand made and that went better than expected.  It was the first skirt I had ever sewn and I’m very proud of how it came out. It was a little tedious tracing the diamonds and cutting them out but worth it.

What was funny or difficult?

The only difficult part was finding all the right pieces. I had spent hours on the computer looking for parts and inspiration.

It was definitely pretty funny doing bra surgery and stitching them back together like Frankenstein or something, haha.

The best part of the Harley Quinn costume for me?

The best part of the Harley Quinn costume for me is the finished product and getting to wear it.  One of my most favorite things in the world is dressing up, I do it as often as I can.  It’s exciting to get to be whatever you want, and something different than what you normally dress as every day.  I love getting good reactions and taking pictures. And you just feel so great once you finish a costume, it’s just a great accomplishment.  I’m thinking about wearing this Harley Quinn costume again to the next Comic Con. :D And I am already thinking about what I’ll be next year for Halloween! Oh, I almost forgot, another best part for me is having a costume that no one else will have because I created it myself. :)

How I came up with the Harley Quinn costume idea?

Well me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to do a couples costume this year and he thought we should do the Joker and Harley Quinn. I was totally up for it because I love Harley, I love her look, her craziness, and how crazy in love she is with the Joker. I looked at Halloween store costumes, which I didn’t really like and also didn’t want to have the same costume as someone else. And then, there’s costumes that people make that go for hundreds of dollars.

So I decided to put together my own Harley Quinn costume. The idea for my look is a mixture of a few of Harley Quinn’s different costumes. The mask and the bright red with black is inspiration from her classic Harley outfit. The corset, arm warmers, and tights are inspiration from her Arkham City outfit. And the skirt is inspiration from her Arkham Asylum outfit.

Reactions I got:

I got lots of good reactions with this Harley Quinn costume! My coworker said “Wow you look hot!”

One of my friends Lauren said “Ahhhhhh, I love it! Jealous is an understatement!” and “way to go miss creative! I’m impressed!” and these are direct quotes from Facebook, haha.

Another one of my friends, Nea said “Holy perfect!” and “Gosh you do this so well. Please highly consider this for your cos play this year!” more direct quotes from Facebook. :)

I got more comments like “Oh my gosh, so cute!” and “Wow it looks so good!”

I cannot wait to wear it again!

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

Crazy Adorable Harley Quinn Costume

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