In 2012, my boyfriend and I wanted to go as Harley Quinn and the Joker but with a unique twist. We both ride motorcycles, so we thought it would be cool to imagine the traditional characters as if they rode motorcycles. I made my costume completely from scratch with a combination of red vinyl (that is actually an upholstery fabric), black leather, and stretchy black spandex. I also spray painted a helmet that mimics Harley’s hair. My boyfriend purchased a pair of skinny purple pants and a green vest/tie from ebay. He used a special leather paint to paint a leather jacket he had purple.

Overall I think it took us a good month and a half to make both costumes. We probably spent about $100 each making them. We had professional photos taken by a friend and went to like 5 different parties over several nights, so the costumes definitely got their use and it’s a Halloween we’ll never forget!!