Cool Homemade Joker Costume

For my Joker costume, all I wanted was accurate, without destroying my bank account. So I found a place right in the middle. Nearly every piece was picked up at thrift stores, and it cost me very little in total. So here goes:

Trench Coat: $12

I looked at many costume trench coats and they were all too light purple for my liking. I payed close attention to Heath’s trench in the film and it is a very dark purple, so vibrant wasn’t the way I wanted to go. After searching everywhere, I finally found a navy blue trench coat that was the same material and same sort of fit as his

Blazer/Vest: $6

I had been planning to simply buy a green vest off of Amazon, but decided to get a green blazer to ma ke my shoulders seem more hunched like Heath’s. Also, I could not find a vest with a collar like the film, so I thought a blazer would add that nice touch. I found a perfect light green blazer at a thrift store

Sweater Vest: $4

I guess I didn’t need this and it wasn’t film accurate, but I felt I needed some more purple incorporated into my look as the trench coat wasn’t purple. So I got a purple sweater vest at the thrift store

Shirt & Tie: $5

I didn’t want to spend 50 bucks on an exact screen accurate shirt, so I found a dress shirt at a thrift shop that was a close enough blue to his, and I already had a brown tie with dark purple and green splashes

Pants/Socks/Shoes: $15

I wanted some decent purple pants as these were something I’d easily wear again, so I found a pair at H&M for $15 and I used a pair of light green/grey socks and then my own black loafers for shoes

Makeup: $12

For the scars, I used rigid collodion, which worked absolutely magnificently and was more comfortable than I expected. It took awhile to get perfect, but looked awesome when finished. I bought a Rubie’s makeup kit, which is tended to have the review that its cheap and it streaks, which is exactly what I needed as the Joker’s facepaint job isn’t supposed to be perfect. I decided to get bright red lipstick instead of facepaint. I found it stuck to the scars better and was more comfortable to have on my lips all day. For the hair, I bought green hairspray, and sprayed it very close to my head as to leave clumps of liquid dye that I could then spread through my hair with my hands. Since I have blonde highlights in my hair, it made the green very patchy and messy and it turned out great!

My total cost on this costume was 52 dollars, and I ended up winning multiple contests that the awards actually paid me back more than that. I had a lot of fun and I shall keep building on this costume to make it better as time goes on. The reactions I got from this were amazing, and I loved doing it.

Cool Homemade Joker Costume

Cool Homemade Joker Costume

Cool Homemade Joker Costume

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