Harley Quinn and Robin Costumes for Toddlers that didn’t look cheap or cheesy were hard to come by in 2014 without dropping a ton of money.  These patterns were drafted using basic top and leggings patterns with custom measurements for each of my children.

My daughter was 2yrs old but the size of 12-18 months in clothes and 2T in height. Weeks were spent just drafting the pattern pieces to their specific measurements.

Robin was made from spandex for the green under layer with black spandex patches for accent on arms and legs.  The top and bottom are separate and the vest was made from stretch satin and iron on interfacing for some stability.  Access to both the robin vest and Harley Quinn jumpsuit is by a zipper.

Robin belt is a piece of vinyl with hand bag hardware glued to wood disc all attached with velcro at the back of the belt. Wooden dowels painted and attached with beading elastic.   Robin cuffs also created from vinyl.  Masks created from black satin and interfacing, satin stitching around all raw edges and elastic to secure.  Cape made from to pieces stitched together and attached to vest by small bra style hook.  All embellishments on vest in satin and with interfacing and double stick hem tape to anchor and satin stitch to finish raw edges.

Harley Quinn embellishment diamonds spandex with iron on interfacing, anchored in place with hem tape and satin stitched into place.  Cuffs were made on the principal of how you would make a scrunchie (a tube of fabric and elastic the size of the child’s wrist).  Collar is a standard child’s dress collar and just modified to mimic Harley Quinns’.  Pom poms hand sewn and back closure with velcro

Hammer made from a oatmeal can and PVC pipe.  can covered with foam and painted with acrylic paint and sealed.  Rivits simulated with buttons painted with gold acrylic paint several layers.

Bombs made with foam balls and foam discs and cotton rope.  glue 3-4 discs together, trace foam disc against foam ball, use grapefruit spoon to pop out small amount of foam from ball to set in foam discs.  Feed cotton rope through disc and knot.  Hot glue in place and paint with black acrylic paint and finish with sealer.

All foam to be painted was coated with several coats of Elmer’s glue cut with water 1:1 ratio and allowed to dry in between coats.

Hair clips- flower clips from Claire’s store, shoes and socks 1 pair red 1 pair black. Binki hand painted with acrylic paint

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