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Coolest Nyan Cat Halloween Costume

My 8-year old daughter, Amelia has an artist’s heart. She has always requested a non-girl traditional costume. This year she has really gotten into watching internet videos like the Nyan cat. She had tears flowing during one of the Nyan cat spin-off’s when the cat’s heart is broken.

To make this year’s Nyan Cat Halloween costume, we started with a trip to a local resale shop. We found a pillow case in the color of the “poptart” part of the costume. The pink fabric is sewn in the middle and the sprinkles are painted on. My favorite part of the costume is the flag for the rainbow that follows behind the cat. I’m not a seamstress and had to dust off the sewing machine that was last use a year ago. It turned out beautifully and Amelia was so excited to wear it everywhere. She also downloaded the music from the youtube Nyan cat video to play as she runs sideways down the sidewalk. I’m so proud to be this amazing girl’s mother.

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