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Last-Minute In-Bred Cat Meme Homemade Halloween Costume

I found out last minute that I needed to wear a costume to work on Halloween and couldn’t find all the pieces to my “Progressive Insurance Flo” costume from two years ago. I needed something that wasn’t scary or required lots of time to put together in the morning.  As I stood looking dejectedly at the pre-made, overpriced options at the Halloween store at the mall, it hit me. My coworkers and I had been sharing stupid pictures of cats via email to amuse ourselves and we came across a black cat with a piece of wonder bread on its head. Perfect idea that fit the work requirements and would also amuse myself, coworkers and small children.

I went to the craft store and bought a seat cushion insert (12.99 minus a 50% off coupon), large brown acrylic paint marker (5.99) and a  simple cat costume of ears and a tail (9.99). I cut the cushion to look like a piece of bread and painted the edges with the marker for realism. The next morning, I dressed in black from head to toe and used a simple black eyeliner to draw on cat-like features. Done. I walked in the building and found myself patiently waiting as people tried to figure out what I was.

The coworkers who had seen the original photo knew instantly what I was. The rest were told to “put the pieces of the puzzle together.” I look like a cat and the big white thing around my head looks like a piece of bread. I’m “in” the bread. Then they fell out. By 9, I just told people to google “in-bred cat.” Fortunately most people got it. The only change I would recommend is to use a smaller cushion for a smaller piece of bread. I was trying to emphasize that it was bread, but it wasn’t as realistic as it could have been. Still lots of fun to wear. Inexpensive to make and easy to assemble. Rawr!!!


Last-Minute In-Bred Cat Meme Homemade Halloween Costume

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