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Original Last-Minute Costume Idea: In Bread Cat Meme

This Original last-minute costume idea took literally five minutes to make and another five minutes for the makeup application. I worked the entire day before my Halloween party, and also attended my little sister’s middle school musical that night. Of course I had been brainstorming costume ideas but none had had that essential spark until I remembered the ever entertaining In Bread Cat Meme.

With no time to spare, and no money to spend, I searched my apartment for materials, until I found an empty cardboard box. The box that our new set of knives from Woot! came in, specifically. I cut out a roughly toast-shaped piece and then used an x-acto knife to slice an X in the center. I used scissors and worked my way out until I had a hole that snuggly framed my face. I then painted the outer edges dark brown, and stippled the paint to make a bread like texture.

Next I let that dry while I watched my sister and her classmates perform an amazing rendition of Fame Jr, and came home to a dry and painted piece of bready goodness. For the “cat” part of my costume I used gel eyeliner to fill in a kitty shaped nose, whiskers, and some cat eyes, and viola! In Bread Cat.

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