Coolest Nyan Cat Costume

My mom and I made this Nyan cat costume for Halloween 2011. I was kind of addicted to listening to Nyan Cat so I wanted to dress up like Nyan Cat. The way we did it was we found an old white shirt. We also used some old foam and some tan fabric as well as some pink fabric. We wrapped the foam in the tan fabric and put it in a rectangle. We then put the pink fabric in. We then cut out little purple squares and added them to the pink fabric.

After that, we cut out strips of foam in the colors of the rainbow and attached them together and then put them on the arm. After that we cut out the head and tail from a piece of furry fabric and attached the tail to the rainbow and the head to the side of the poptart piece. We attached little pieces of foam to the head to make the eyes and mouth. That is how we made the Nyan Cat Costume.

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