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Original Group Halloween Costume: App Icons!

This costume-making all started when a family friend offered me her sewing machine last year. I had hand-sewn last year’s Halloween costumes and because she was no longer using her machine, she thought I might enjoy sewing. She was correct!

I taught myself to sew by watching a few youtube videos and reading the directions that came with the sewing machine. Once I got the hang of it, I started thinking about what our family would dress up as for Halloween. We live in New Orleans, so chances are, my Halloween costume would also be my Mardi Gras costume. So it had to be good!

There are days when I spend more time on my iphone than I do talking to my family. So I figured why not dress up the family in our favorite iphone apps? Of course, I selected “Facebook” because I’m addicted to social media. My husband is always texting, so he was “Messages.” Since I love taking pictures, our dog was “Photos.” And my husband’s favorite game on his iphone is Angry Birds; thus our one-year-old son was “Angry Birds.”

We spend a lot of time with my husband’s parents so when I told them about this year’s costume idea, they totally wanted in! She picked “Pinterest” because, just like me and Facebook, she’s addicted. And my father-in-law is a financial advisor, so it only made sense to make him “Stocks.”

The costumes took time but they weren’t very difficult. I carefully reviewed each app and cut felt in the appropriate shapes and colors. The shape of the app started out as a square with rounded edges, but I had to readjust them a little in the shoulders so that the edges weren’t too pointy. Then, I simply sewed them together. Photos and Angry Birds were much more detailed than Facebook and Messages, but we were all very happy with the end result.  Also, each app had the apple icon on the back in white with a black background.

This is a given, but I still need to mention… we won the neighborhood costume contest!

Original Group Halloween Costume: App Icons!

Original Group Halloween Costume: App Icons!

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