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Coolest Facebook DIY Costume

This is my own costume representing … FACEBOOK!

In order to give you a clear picture of my approach on how I made my Homemade Facebook Costume, I will explain the steps of making.

Step 1:
The costume is made of a white, able-to-stretch cloth, covering all body parts except the neck and head.

Step 2:
Each body part represents a Facebook section. In my case the top front part showed ‘the wall’ with posts, likes, links, comments, images, pokes etc. Equally the back part showed ‘my profile’ section. My right arm showed the names and pictures of my ‘friends’ while the left arm showed various adverts. On my chest and back, one can even find the scroll-down-button.

The lower part of the costume showed various part of facebook pages such as games, logos, rules and regulations, forms etc. Below that, on the feet there were also printed parts of facebook!

Around my head I used the facebook toolbar to create a headband illustrating ‘home’ ‘profile’ ‘account’ and ‘search’, whereas around my neck I used a series of images like the ones we find in our profiles to create a second band.

Step 3:
Around my waist I created an elastic belt with letters reading ‘www.facebook.com’

Step 4:
Trying to make the facebook costume as fun as possible I created a pixilated cursor pointing on ‘home’ and ‘profile’ tabs which I carried around with me and used it as my ‘weapon’

Hope you will like it!

Homemade Facebook Costume

Homemade Facebook Costume

Homemade Facebook Costume

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