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Easy and Funny Costume Idea: Siri!

Recently, my husband finally upgraded his cell phone and got a new iPhone 5 with the virtual assistant, Siri.  I can’t fib, we had a bunch of laughs with her sassy responses.  I couldn’t resist wanting to be ‘Siri’ for our office costume contest but was a bit perplexed as to HOW I could be a virtual assistant!  I googled images of Siri and found the symbol to be the common theme so I decided that is what I would use.

I purchased spray paint in silver, purple, and black.  I used a large piece of cardboard for the circle and made the microphone out of cardboard as well.  I referenced the image I’d found and drew the microphone and circle by hand.  I then carefully cut them out (using scissors and an Xacto knife).  I used a hold punch and a piece of paper to punch holes for the design on the microphone (the purple circles).  I used black spray paint on the microphone and stand and let it dry.  Later, I placed the template with the holes on it over the microphone and used purple spray paint to create the spots.

I then used a black permanent marker to draw the outter ring in black and glued the microphone in place.  I finished the purple dots off by using some pink/magenta mettalic permanent marker to outline them.  I made a string out of black cotton yarn and cut it to fit around my neck and taped it to the back.  I then wore the ‘button’ (app) around my neck.

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