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Original Female Twitter Bird Costume

I’m obsessed with Twitter and was in a national contest on the social media network the year I did this. It was only right I do a little more shameless self promotion and dress the part.

What you’ll need:

  • XL light blue t-shirt
  • Feathers (If you can find light blue- perfect! If not, get white)
  • If you got white feathers, you’ll need blue fabric dye
  • Fabric glue
  • Light blue leggings or tights
  • Knee-high yellow socks
  • Yellow flip flops
  • Yellow face paint
  • White Posterboard
  • Ribbon
  • (Optional) Hair clip

Prepare the feathers

If you got blue feathers, skip this step.

If you have white feathers, you’re going to need to dye them. Prepare the dye on your stove top. Drop a couple of feathers at a time and take them out every 2 minutes to test their color.

When you’re satisfied with the color, lay them flat on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.

You will need enough feathers to cover the entire front and back of your shirt, so get a lot. More than you’d think.

Prepare the shirt

To create “wings” on the t-shirt I cut the sleeves off and cut them into the shapes of long triangles, AKA wings. I then glued them to the shoulders of the shirt, letting them hang/sit on the top of my arms.

Attach the feathers

After your feathers are ready, glue each of them individually to the shirt. Make sure only the top half of the feather is actually glued to the shirt, so they are able to move/look a little more natural.

You should cover the entire shirt and wings.

Making the sign

Cut a rectangle out of your poster board or particle board, and punch out two holes in the upper corners.

Write your twitter handle and a “FOLLOW ME” on the sign.

Run ribbon through the holes and tie behind your neck.

Assemble the costume!

Put on the tights, followed by the yellow socks on top. The flip flops give you “bird toes.”

The shirt goes on next, on top of everything.


I had a hair clip with feathers on it that I put directly on top of my head, in order to be the feathers on the top of the Twitter bird’s head.

I also put yellow face paint on my lips to be my “beak” without being too ridiculous.

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