Funny Last-Minute Ermahgerd Girl Internet Meme Halloween Costume

The “Ermahgerd” girl on the internet CRACKS ME UP! So I decided to be my idol for Halloween! All I did was take some books, print out the Goosebumps covers to some of them, and tape them onto the books I already had!

Luckily I had almost the same shirt as she has in the meme.  I was not even embarrassed about it! Haha!

I went to a huge party at a Chicago hair salon where my friend works and half the people there knew who I was and were yelling “ERMAHGERD!” But the other half I needed to show a photo of her on my phone, but then they CRACKED UP as soon as they saw it.

I usually do really extravagant costumes, but I wanted to be comfortable for this party, and it paid off because I got to talk like the Ermahgerd girl all night.   The end!

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