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Coolest and Easiest Futurama Meme Costume for Anyone

The first step is to choose your meme. I for one chose the Futurama Fry Meme. But you could be any of the hilarious internet picture memes.

The first step would be to find yourself clothing to match the character you have chosen. In my example I had to find a white t-shirt, red sweater and jeans. I also dyed my hair to match his cartoon orange hair.

The second step will be to prepare your box to display the word part of the meme. Take a box that fits over your head comfortably with the opening flaps facing the bottom. To small and it will be tight and hard to move in. To big and it will be to cumbersome to wear. Then you’re going to want to cut a square hole out of the front to your face. Then also cut shoulder grooves out so the box will stay on. Make sure the box is comfortable then proceed to paint or colour it. Paint or colour the box to either white or black, works best. Now get some scrapbook stickers to write your meme. Do a bit of research and either create your own phrase based on the meme or write one that you found and is funny.

Now on the night you go out. Put the appropriate clothes on and your box on your head and there you go you’re an instant Internet Meme. This costume is easy, creative and more importantly cheap. Mine only put me back about 20$ on everything. Even the hair dye and sweater.

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