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Crazy Cat Lady Costume (and Song and Dance)

This crazy Cat Lady costume all started in the art room of Tongue Point Job Corps in Astoria, OR in 2005. I found this black and white cat print fabric and thought it was so cute! I learned right then and there how to follow a pattern and sew a dress. It was a splendid dress but when and where would I ever wear it? When I returned home and went travelling, this dress sat in a box in the family’s garage for about 5 years. Then one fall I started looking at all the forgotten treasures that I had stored away. The cat print dress was still adorable!

Then I thought of the Crazy Cat Lady that I have seen on the Simpson’s. She wore a trench coat and had messy hair. She was nuts and would often throw cats at people. Plus, I was reading a book about hoarding. The cat hoarding stories were the most fascinating to me. Halloween was coming, so I went all out and started buying as many stuffed animal cats as I could. I loosely stitched them onto the dress for easy rip and throw. Everywhere I go this outfit gets attention. People sincerely adore this concept and I get many compliments for Crazy Cat Lady. People appreciate the originality and creativity of it. One time a lady pet the white cat on my shoulder. Other ladies have identified with this, saying that they get called “Crazy Cat Lady” because of all the cats they have. Beneath this music video is a description, it is a commentary on the events that perpetuated the Black Plague. This song and dance will be performed live for the first time on a Vaudeville stage this November, I hope to earn a regular spot in the show. Thanks for your consideration!

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