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Homemade Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Every Halloween I try to choose a costume that will attract as much attention as possible. My favorites have been slightly offensive- those are the best. This year I chose to make my costume fun and totally against the grain. I am a cat HATER!! Just don’t like them- they are not the pet for me… Also, as I get older, my friends tease me about being a homebody- so, I always joke about becoming the Crazy Cat Lady with no friends (this will never happen). So, I figured it would be easy to find a whole bunch of stuffed cats and put them all over a bathrobe, add a moo moo, and some curlers… HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I was a lot harder than I thought to find stuffed cats, so I added actual cat toys and cat nip to the costume. I let the cats do my make-up and hair, and let me tell you they did a GREAT JOB!! And if any watches the Simpsons, the two big cats that I’m holding are on bungee cords and I can throw them and they bounce back. This costume is phenomenal!!!

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