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Coolest Homemade Granny Gone Wild Costume

This Granny Gone Wild Costume was hilarious and I even won $100 at a local bar for best costume of the night.

I got a nude colored spandex body suit and attached some hair for down there. For the boobs I used nude color stockings that I stuffed with cotton and made titty tassles for the actual titty part. This caused the boobs to hang down to my belly button, but across where the boobs were supposed to go I made a sign that said “Censored.” For more effect I put an old earring in the belly button area.

When people saw me at first I just looked like I was dressed like a granny, because I had White hair, a moo-moo (that zipped down), a cane, glasses, and slippers. But when they weren’t looking I would turn around and unzip the moo-moo and yell out “GRANNY GONE WILD!” and expose what was really underneath. It was classic!

EVERYONE told me how much they loved the costume!

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