Coolest Crazy Cat Lady Last Minute Halloween Costume

My Crazy Cat lady last minute Halloween costume was very easy and inexpensive. I went to thrift stores and that is where I found most of the cats and my outfit from. I found my hair accessories (I found clips with cats on them) at Walgreens and A Dollar store. I also found a few cats for very cheap at the Dollar store also.

I spent less then $20 on my costume… I wore slippers and Hello Kitty socks and I also had a cat attached to one slipper and Kitty toys (that I found in a package for cheap) on the other slipper.

I am a Hairstylist so I decorated my work station with cats, and a picture frame with a cat. I attached everything to me by safety pins. I added heavy makeup to give a bit more of that “Coo Coo” to the outfit….