I am a huge Halloween aficionado and I could not let my audience down because they expect nothing but the BEST from me. My creative Lady Kali the Eternal Goddess of Death Halloween costume was a 3 year in the making idea that I was so afraid to start because I knew how much time it was going to take me to make it.

I started off with a blue bodysuit and only a blue bodysuit, and decided to Google photos of the Goddess for jewelry and accessories ideas. The 6 additional arms consisted of PVC pipes, small backpack, and wire hangers for the hands. I had to use pliers to shape the hangers into the hands and then glue them into the PVC pipes. I purchased the PVC pipes and attachments at my local hardware store, and then duck-taped the entire unit to a small black backpack. I then made the arms, starting off with a glove pattern I found online and made small sleeves to attach after the hands and forearms were stuffed with pillow stuffing.

I bought pillows at yard sales and thrift-stores, because I needed quite a bit stuffing. The bracelets are actually 2 different Christmas ribbons that I picked up at my local fabric store. I layered and sewed them together and then hot glued rhinestones onto them, jewelry for that many arms would have been very expensive so I needed to improvise! I placed the ribbons/bracelets over the seams where the arms had been sewn and taped after they had been stuffed. The arms/backpack was definitely the hardest part of the costume to design!

Next I was onto the crown! Looking at it, you would never believe it’s cardboard, papier-mâché, and a little gold spray paint. I just cut out cardboard in the shape I wanted the crown and papier-mâchéd it to make it sturdy and sprayed it. I used the same rhinestones from the jewelry for the crown. I hot glued a 2 inch piece of elastic onto the inside of the crown so it would hold around my head and I the same cardboard for the earrings.

Lastly the belt and necklaces.. I used 2 inch thick gunnysack remnants to make the belt and fabric thread to sew the arms and shrunken heads onto it. The necklace was Styrofoam heads that I spray painted and hot glued stones into the eyes. Every accessory you see was blinged out, or hand made by myself. The entire costume took me about 3-4 weeks to complete, 2-3 hours a day, and under $150 in materials. Although the costume took long to make, I would not change my decision to make it again, because everywhere I went, people just stood and stared at me! Happy Halloween everyone!