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Cool Homemade Hindu Goddess Kali Costume

Hello, I’m a Halloween junkie from a small town in northern Canada. I was sick of seeing the same costumes year after year so I tried to think of something completely new. It took me a month and a half, and over 60 hours of planning, glueing, and stitching; finally my cool homemade Hindu Goddess Kali costume was ready.

I had limited funds, so most of my materials are recycled. I bought an old backpack from a Salvation Army store, 4 pairs of kids’ white leggings, a long sleeved white T-shirt and some bamboo garden stakes.

I dyed the leggings and the T-shirt in the same vat of dye to ensure everything would come out the same color. I cut the main part of the backpack off, leaving the base (the part against your back) and the straps. I cut the tops off my newly-blue leggings into strips and glued them to the backpack so as to blend it in with the rest of the costume.

The arms are made from bamboo garden stakes, clothes hangers, and pillow stuffing. I made an X shape with the bamboo and secured with string and hot glue to prevent slipping. I added another cross section for the third set of arms.

Once I attached the bamboo base to the backpack by stitching with strong thread, I added the arms. I bent the clothes hanger into the right shape and length of my real arm, and attached it to the base. I stuffed blue rubber gloves with stuffing, then atached it to the wire arms. I pulled the leggings over each arm and stuffed them, adding a crosspiece by the elbow to help with stability. I then covered the remaining parts with the left-over legging tops.

Lastly, it was a question of mixing makeup to match the color, adding some bling – sparkly jewels, gold bands, ribbon and my long wig – long enough to hide the handiwork of the back pack (no pun intended!)

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