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Coolest Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume

To make this rendition of Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume, I researched several different pictorial representations so as to be true and respectful. While she is most often shown with several sets of hands, there are some pictures where she just has one extra set, so I went with that.

I purchased a flesh-toned camisole and tights, then spray-painted them blue. It leaves a mottled look which helps to match the way your skin will look when you use blue costume makeup. I made the skull necklace out of leather shoelaces, plastic skulls, and hot glue. The red and gold necklaces were plastic Mardi-Gras beads, and my crown, earrings, dagger, and scimitar were made of cardboard, glitter, and craft beads.

The gold bracelets on my hands and arms were ribbon. My skirt was a broomstick-type skirt bought from a thrift store and cut short. The belt of hands was made by spray-painting dish washing gloves, and the shrunken heads with paper bags, an old wig, and black thread.

The arms were made with foam pipe covering and filled with spray foam to keep them stiff and fatten them up. I then used a palm sander to make them arm-shaped. I filled blue latex gloves with pillow stuffing and hot glued them to the end of the arms. The ribbon bracelets covered up any marks showing where the hands were joined to the arms.

I used blue duct tape in a cross-your-heart fashion to secure the arms to my body. This caused no discomfort at all, and helped to make the arms look real. (I could wave them around and simulate real motion very well.)

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