Coolest Homemade Carmen Miranda Costume

Homemade Carmen Miranda Costume

To make this Homemade Carmen Miranda Costume, I took the bodice off of an old prom dress and hemmed it. Then I took scraps of various cloth to make the skirt and sash. The hat, of course, was the focal point. I took a piece of floral foam, used bobby pins to secure it to … Read more

Coolest Hungry Zombie Costume

Homemade Hungry Zombie Costume

I really wanted to do a zombie, but I don’t like the look of fake blood after it dries so I decided not to be a bloody zombie, guess I’m a hungry zombie? I decided my Hungry Zombie Costume had just risen, so I took regular clothes, cut them up and smeared them with red … Read more

Coolest Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume

Homemade Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume

To make this rendition of Kali Ma Hindu Goddess Costume, I researched several different pictorial representations so as to be true and respectful. While she is most often shown with several sets of hands, there are some pictures where she just has one extra set, so I went with that. I purchased a flesh-toned camisole … Read more