This Halloween, my sister and I were trying to think of some creative costumes to make. She was a 5′ Giant pumpkin, and we were driving to shop for materials to make her costume, we knew we wanted to enter a costume contest, and tossed around ideas to go “with” her pumpkin, we decided on a bat. Years ago, we made a pair of 7′ butterfly wings, as a costume.

So, the ideas were flying around, let’s make them LARGE, like 8’! We knew we could construct them from foam core, and we wanted fantastic fabric “windows”. And we knew we wanted to “light” them up, with battery operated lights. We went to super stores, (thank goodness they are open 24 hours!) fabric and craft stores and shopped and closed down every store behind us. We even thought of getting a hotel room, so we could continue shopping the next morning!

Our family and friends are “used” to our “craziness” at Halloween, and are “costume widows and widowers!” We shopped and gathered all of our materials and supplies and began the designing. We always think of all of the “strong” mechanics of the costumes. One of my favorite things, is I think of an idea, and then my sister “executes” it, she also is a great sketch artist. We did have to make a “few” last minute shopping “runs”, like at 7:00 at night, with the stores closing at 9:00! But, we made it.

We worked at night, and every weekend, until we finished. Towards the end, I wanted a “glamorous” ruffle, and 30 minutes later, I was trying it on! We always make each other laugh, until we both have tears. Our sheer love of the creation of the original costumes keeps us going and going. Another favorite part is, making the patterns and seeing everything come “together”. I was a floral designer for over 20 years, and this is my “creative outlet” once a year. We always say, you can never have too much glitter, glitz or glamor! This is our one time to be “over the top!”

In making the mask, we just kept adding and adding, and having fun with all the glitter! The love of the design process and creation makes for the fondest memories! We share progress pictures with our family and friends. Our mother has suggestions as well! We ordered “giveaways” for kids, bats for boys and bat necklaces for girls. And glow bracelets for everyone.

The end result was so rewarding! We won second place, in our local community costume contest. Everyone was so complimentary and a lot of “cool wings!” were heard. A lot of pictures as well. One of the best things was the quality time with my sister and the love between us creating a one of a kind costume!