Cool Homemade Bat Family Costumes

The Bat Family

I stink at using a sewing machine, first off, so I am pretty proud that I hand sewed these four bat costumes. Although there were nights of wine, tears and frustration, my husband, Ed, was a good sport and my kids, Adelaide and Andrew had a blast.  T he bat costumes were constructed mainly of … Read more

Awesome DIY Vampire Costume with Articulated Wings

Vampire with articulated wings

Ever want to have a great vampire costume with wings that retract and expand without emptying your bank account? This is the one for you. To do this cool wing effect, you will need the following: 8 eyebolts, lots of washers, short machine screws with nuts, two long threaded bolts without heads, dirt bike vest, … Read more

Glamorous Illuminated Bat Lady Costume

Glamorous Illuminated Bat Lady Costume

This Halloween, my sister and I were trying to think of some creative costumes to make. She was a 5′ Giant pumpkin, and we were driving to shop for materials to make her costume, we knew we wanted to enter a costume contest, and tossed around ideas to go “with” her pumpkin, we decided on … Read more

10-Foot “Screech” Bat Halloween Costume on Stilts

10-Foot "Screech" Bat Halloween Costume on Stilts

“Screech” was summoned by some of the darkest and most evil sprites that this earth will ever face. He rose from the ashes of plagued souls who where sacrificed to bring this demon from the under world. The name Screech was given to him by his victims. Because the last sound they hear is the … Read more

Epic Bat Costume on Stilts

Epic Bat Costume on Stilts

My first stilted costume, a giant bat, walks on all fours with pointy shoulders at around 7 feet tall, upon attack it doubles in size to approx. 14 feet tall. It is a true crowd pleaser with a GIANT wow factor when it stands up. It has won many contests since it’s inception in 2004. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bat Costume

Homemade Bat Costume

My names Kimberly Valles, I live in Southern California and I currently submitted Jack the Skellington homemade costume. This is my Bat Costume creation I made just recently. As you know I’m a costume designer trying to open my own business. I made that bat costume out of many different fabric material and wire hangers. … Read more

Coolest DIY Bat Costume for a Girl

Homemade Bat Costume

My daughter wanted to be a bat and wanted the wings to move. So I came up with the idea of using a black umbrella for the wings. I just dressed her in a black dress, black tights, black boots. I purchased the black umbrella from the dollar store and then I cut it in … Read more

Coolest Bat Costume

Coolest Bat Costume

My bat costume has so fun to make! I cut up one umbrella and sewed the halves to a black long sleeved shirt. I removed the stick from the umbrella and carefully sliced the rest of the umbrella in half. I sewed the umbrella to my shirt, and let the metal poles stick out of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Erratic Bat Costume

Homemade Erratic Bat Costume

I actually got the idea for this Homemade Erratic Bat Costume off this website, but appropriated it a little bit. Firstly I purchased about 2m of ‘batlike’ lycra material from a fabric shop. Then, as I have little to no seamstress skills, I somehow successfully managed to construct a jumpsuit simply by lying the fabric … Read more