Coolest Homemade Erratic Bat Costume

I actually got the idea for this Homemade Erratic Bat Costume off this website, but appropriated it a little bit.

Firstly I purchased about 2m of ‘batlike’ lycra material from a fabric shop. Then, as I have little to no seamstress skills, I somehow successfully managed to construct a jumpsuit simply by lying the fabric out, laying down on it with my arms and legs straight and having a patient friend trace around me. Then I cut out my shape and doubled it so I had 2 identical body shapes.

I then faced the outsides to each other and used sewing machine to run around the edges and join them together. I made sure to leave a large neck hole (and to not sew the arm and leg holes) so that I could squeeze in- and as it was lycra this was quite easy, although if it isn’t I suggest running a zipper down the back. Turned back the right way out and there I had my batty-totally-erratic jumpsuit!

But this won’t do – I needed to fly. Using a black umbrella I removed the long handle and cut the shade in half. I then removed most of the metal frame structure from the inside, but left a little to maintain shape (and to look like bones). See pic if this doesn’t make sense.

I then took each half and lined it up and sewed it onto the jumpsuit under the length of my arm and down the side of the body on each side.

My bat suit was complete. But wait, Sonar bat EARS! A last minute head piece was made simply by fashioning some old toilet rolls into ear shaped and painting them black and gluing them onto a headband.

I then painted fangs on my face and did dramatic eye makeup to complete the look. All in all it was a graveyard smash and probably took me about 6 hours all up to make completely.

Materials cost approx $20. Bargain!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Erratic Bat Costume”

  1. I happen to be looking for a homemade costume for my kids. We are on a budget this year and I am tired of spending so much money on something that will be lost and never worn again. I came upon this, it is a great idea and I plan on using it. I am planning on using fabric you can’t see through. Also it is so strange, but you could be my daughters twin. I had to take a double take.

  2. I just made this costume for my lill princess of 6 came out vry nice. Thanx for sharing such a nice idea.

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