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Coolest Homemade Bat Costume

My names Kimberly Valles, I live in Southern California and I currently submitted Jack the Skellington homemade costume. This is my Bat Costume creation I made just recently. As you know I’m a costume designer trying to open my own business. I made that bat costume out of many different fabric material and wire hangers.

The child wearing the costume is my daughter; she wanted to be a bat for Halloween. It took me only 2 hours to make it. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and I’m awesome in what I do for a living. I just hope you all will love this costume as much as my family and friends do. I took hard work and a lot of sweat for this costume to be made. I honestly didn’t think it would be done so quickly; but here it is ready for the whole world to see!

Homemade Bat Costume

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  1. love it,my daughter is 8 and she also wants to be a bat this year for Halloween. i am looking for ideas on a costume, this helps but i think I’m going to add facial hair for more lifelike and just trying to stay away from masks, thanks


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