Coolest WWF Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Costume

Homemade Ultimate Warrior WWF Costume

Growing Up in the 80’s I watched WWF, as many people did, and my ICON was the one and only Ultimate Warrior! I took one look at him and thought to myself, I could make a mirror image of him for Halloween…and then it began! At the fabric store I bought out all their rainbow … Read more

Nintendos Mega Man Costume

Mega Man from Nintendo

OK, for those who know oh so well, and played Nintendo growing up in the 80’s you’ll appreciate this one. Mega Man was an original NES SuperStar in the late 1980’s, a classic video game hero for us all. I decided I was going to make the best replica EVER! I began prepping in August … Read more

Coolest Skeletor from He Man Costume

Skeletor Costume

I decided one day to make a Skeletor from He Man costume. He is one of the coolest villains to rule the television. I only make my costumes from scratch. So I started with a picture of him, and went to work. I bought fabric, foam, and various household/store items and began working. I spent … Read more

Coolest Simpsons “Radioactive Man” Costume

Simpsons Radioactive Man Costume

Who doesn’t like The Simpsons! Well anyone can go to a Halloween store and buy a Simpsons costume to wear. Not me though. I have to take it one step further. So this time, I went with my buddy to a store and bought only the masks for Radioactive Man, and Moe Syzlak. The cheesy … Read more

Coolest Homemade X Men Nightcrawler Halloween Costume

Homemade X-Men Nightcrawler Halloween Costume

I decided to go ALL OUT again, and make a costume no one else has come close to duplicating! From the Comic and Movie X-Men II, a homemade X-Men Nightcrawler Halloween costume! I found pictures of this character online from comics and the movies, printed them out and started my research! I spent a solid … Read more