Nintendos Mega Man Costume

OK, for those who know oh so well, and played Nintendo growing up in the 80’s you’ll appreciate this one. Mega Man was an original NES SuperStar in the late 1980’s, a classic video game hero for us all. I decided I was going to make the best replica EVER!

I began prepping in August 07, buying items online at EBAY, buying fabric at Fabric Mart, and shopping around at the local goodwill’s. I looked at a bunch of pictures of Mega Man, and like an artist, just started using the creative mind and adapting pieces for the costume. Making everything from scratch, using foam fabric, and hand sewing skills I taught myself, I went to town! Hours on end for days and weeks, trying different things out. Always a trial and error method, but it all happened to work out.

I made the “gun” by hand, using a soccer shim guard, wrapped in fabric and stuffed with foam. The cap was a doggy dish I painted grey, and glued red mardi-gras beads inside! Also on the helmet ear pieces, were 2 smaller doggy dishes!

The helmet was a baseball kids helmet I cut up and painted. All the Armour is foam I cut and wrapped in fabric. The shoes were sewn fabric I stuffed with cotton! The blue under suit was a full body Lycra suit.

It turned out amazing, the most rewarding thing was walking around the streets, and getting the random shout outs “MEGA MAN” by the car driving by! For those who saw, its a costume to remember!

Mega Man Costume

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  1. I got the suit online for about $25, head to toe Lycra suit. It was perfect, used it for other costumes too.

    I have never heard of thew Kawaii Kon festival, I’ll check it out!

    Wait for this years Costume….NIGHTCRAWLER from XMEN! Its off the HOOK!


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