Coolest Mega Man Costume

I fell in love with this character when I was introduced to Mega Man II at the age of 8, so needless to say, it’s been a dream of mine to construct this suit for the past 22 years. The idea recently popped into my head again after completing the original 6 on the 8-bit NES. Much like the original Mega Man game, the construction of this costume proved to be much more challenging with each component synonymous to beating one of Dr. Light’s robots turned bad by the nefarious Dr. Wily.

I started this Homemade Mega Man Costume by purchasing a youth-sized moto helmet with plans of modifying it. I created the widows peak and extended the ear pieces by cutting paper templates and then transferring that to cardboard pieces glued together and taped onto the helmet with electrical tape. The entire helmet was covered in blue felt.

The Mohawk is made from a thin piece of foam covered in taffeta fabric. The ear pieces are packing foam cut into circles with puck lights covered in red fabric (these light up, sadly I do not have a picture of them illuminated). Everything was affixed to the helmet by hot glue.

The suit is actually a full body suit, covers your face and everything – that was specially made in China (thanks eBay) and imported to me. This piece was the most frustrating part as I ordered it on September 13th, but didn’t receive it until October 20th. A big part of the costume hinged on the suit since I needed to get the colors exact.

The boots are actually 2 pieces, the legging and the shoe. The shoe was created by making a paper template and transferring that to chicken wire and also a yoga mat. The chicken wire was a real treat as I didn’t wear gloves (silly me) so my hands paid the price; blood, sweat, and tears.

I covered the chicken wire with the yoga mat and then wrapped it all with blue felt using hot glue to secure it. The leggings were made from templates transferred to 1-inch thick foam from the fabric store. The foam was covered with fabric. I cut 2 holes in each boot and legging to run a through-bolt with large flat washers to secure the shoe to the legging and create a hinge for walking. These boots were a bit clunky to walk in, but they really tied the costume together (spoken like a true female).

I stitched the briefs by hand since I could not find the proper color to match. I used Velcro to secure the briefs and make it a little easier when I needed to “you know” do my business (didn’t have time to work a waste receptacle into the suit).

The main portion of the blaster came from packing foam, the kind that comes in a liquid form and then gets mixed together to form around whatever you’re shipping. I acquired it from our shipping department waste bin. I fashioned the foam into the shape that I wanted and then covered the whole thing in black duct tape followed by fabric. I cut a slit out of the blaster and covered a small piece of cardboard in yellow fabric then inserted it into the blaster for the charge meter (would’ve liked to have make this light up).

The tip of the blaster is made from more shipping foam with a jar lid and puck light in the tip then hot glued to the main portion. I also made 2 arm cuffs out of foam covered with fabric and Velcro fasteners so I wasn’t forced to wear the blaster all night.

The whole Homemade Mega Man Costume took about 40 hours to complete, but every minute was well worth it in my opinion.

Homemade Mega Man Costume

Homemade Mega Man Costume

Homemade Mega Man Costume

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  1. This is so cool, well done!
    Let me know if you’d be willing to rent your amazing costume for this coming Halloween: iheartkiwis-at-gmail-dot-com


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