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Coolest Mega Man Halloween Costume

I made this costume from cardboard (donated from Trader Joe’s), blue duct tape (Joann’s), blue spandex (oann’s), hot glue (my basement) , a hockey glove (Craigslist), dowel rod (Basement) and gumption.

I also wired in some circuits so my blaster could charge and fire (or at least light up).

It cost about $40 total.

So here is how I did it.

The feet are made in many cross sections, laminated together with hot glue, with a hole for my ankle and a space fit perfectly for my shoe. I then wrapped these cross sections in cardboard to smooth it out.

I built the helmet the same way.

The legs, shorts, and gun were started with a ring of bent cardboard, and added onto with consecutive, concentric rings to build the forms.

The leg is attached to the boot on a simple hinge made of a dowel rod, so that I could walk (and tap my toes).

I modified the hockey glove with scissors and card board and covered everything in blue duck brand duct tape (perfect color).

I was going to buy a unitard, but they were ultra expensive, so I bought some fabric and winged it. The body consists of a pair of tights and a leotard, both made by me (never did THAT before).

There are 3 leds on the side of the blaster, that light up when I press the corresponding button inside it, then when it is fully charged, I flip a switch and a modified tap light functions as the blaster.

(there was also a duct tape pouch to hold my ID and money- no pockets)

And some face paint for the eyes.

I even cut off my really long hair, so it would fit in the helmet. :)

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