Cutest Baby Zumba Costume

The idea for this costume came from the awesome Zumba outfits everyone was wearing at the gym. Sparkles, cut up t shirts and bright socks. The costume is easy and quick to make. All you really need is some scissors to cut the bottoms off bright socks, (I got mine at Target, ) and to cut off one sleeve of an old onesie. (Don’t cut up too much or the onesie won’t stay on.) The little baby gym shoes were a gift. Everyone thought it was super funny.

I cut up an old onesie jazzercise style and wrote “Zumba” with a sharpie. The leg warmers are just cut up socks and the head band and belt are notions found at any craft store. My little cutie promptly pooped through the whole costume so it was a short lived work-out.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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