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Cute Jane Fonda 80’s Workout Costume for a Toddler

80’s workout princess! It started as a play on her name -Anna Jane turned into Anna Jane Fonda. It took several months to find all of the pieces to make it perfect. Even better is when she wears it she begins to Jazzercise on her own and everyone laughs and makes a fuss over her! It’s her first trick or treat and it has become a major success!

I have had many people ask to take photos of her and others ask me where they can get a small leotard and leggings! Her older sister has always had fun costumes, but this has taken the costume cake! I didn’t think it would be come this big of a deal with my friends or so much fun! I’m glad I had the leotard made a little big so she can wear this costume again, maybe even next year! Anna Jane Fonda is awesome and means a lot to me since I was born in the 80’s and remember doing the Jane Fonda work out videos with my mom!

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