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Homemade Zombie Wrestlers Group Costume

San Antonio has broke the world record for the zombie walk and we were part of the fun. I wanted something unique but funny for this annual walk that has every kind of zombie imaginable. I knew women dressed as men is always hilarious and you never see wrestlers at halloween, even though they are easy.

All you need is:

  • Tights, red for Hulk Hogan (paint yellow stripes on thighs and knees) and striped anything for Macho Man.
  • A red or yellow shirt for Hogan, a jacket for Macho Man and a robe for Ric Flair.
  • I bought some old 80’s style shorts on Ebay for $5.oo too.
  • Use an old cowboy hat for Macho man and a pirate headband at the dollar store for Hogan.
  • You can use duct tape for Macho man’s hat and boots. A tablecloth from dollar store makes for good fringe.
  • Again, I turned to Ebay for cheap items like my mustache, $1.95. The wigs and Macho man beard “pieces” were obtained from goodwill. They are a great go to for halloween gear.
  • Get some cheap boas to glue on the robe and complete the Ric Flair costume.
  • We all got our heavyweight belts in the toy aisle at Walmart $11.00-$19.00. Added glasses from the toy section too. Colored yellow for Hogan and white painted with nail polish stripes for Macho man.
  • Wear your comfortable black boots for all the walking you will do, they work fine as wrestling boots.
  • To get the zombie look, add a brain to the hat by cutting some of the top out and hot gluing the piece of brain in the hole.  Get some grey zombie make up, blood, and black eye make up.  I used YouTube for zombie makeup how to. I also looked up a simple bite mark made with cotton and paints to complete the zombie look.

Everyone at the walk was cracking up at our costumes. We got wrestling calls like “wooooo” and ” snap into a slim Jim” or ” Brotha!” all night long and couldn’t walk five steps without a photo op. What a great time!

Homemade Zombie Wrestlers Group Costume

Homemade Zombie Wrestlers Group Costume

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