Cool Homemade Nascar Couple and Dog Costume

Nascar Couple + Dog Costume

Nascar girl costume: I found the black body suit and hoop earrings at Forever 21 ($15 + $3). Red bottoms was the hardest thing to find!! I went to multiple malls and thrift stores. I ultimately ended up buying a pair of red leather shorts off of Poshmark ($18). I bought checkered bandanas from Hobby … Read more

Team Hendrick NASCAR Group Costume

Team Hendrick NASCAR Group Costume

We are HUGE NASCAR fans but even bigger fans of the Hendrick drivers. My daughter is #5 Kasey Kahne, I am #24 Jeff Gordon, my son is #48 Jimmie Johnson, and my husband #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. The cars are cardboard and decals are printed sticker paper. The kid’s suits are flight suits with iron … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dale Jr Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Dale Jr Halloween Costume Idea

As last year my son wanted to be Ryan Newman, this year he stuck with NASCAR and had a homemade Dale Jr Halloween costume idea. I had the pattern on-hand and made it one size bigger and in green and white instead of black and camo. I learned last year that the heavier fabric, canvas, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jeff Gordon Costume

Homemade Jeff Gordon Costume

This Homemade Jeff Gordon Costume was created for my son Kalyb (in photos) as a last minute costume for trick-or-treating because he was absolutely dying to go and we couldn’t afford to buy him the costume he really wanted. So I kept reassuring him that I would come up with a costume for him one … Read more

Coolest Race Car Costume

Homemade Race Car Costume

Find an old box that is just the right size for your driver. Cut a hole in the middle of the box that your child can fit into. Use an extra piece of cardboard to add to the front and back of your cardboard box to shape it and round the edges. (Use duck tape … Read more

Truck Creative Costume

My dad is a big Jeff Gordon fan so when my son was born he dressed up one of those little tyke cars with the NASCAR decals. Jack was nine months at Halloween and not quite walking. I thought using the car to take him to a few neighbors would be ideal thus the idea … Read more

Truck Creative Costume

We are always looking to do something different. In past years he was a fridge and a washing machine. This Jeff Gordon car lasted us two seasons and he got oodles of candy. We even had people we didn’t know grabbing their cameras and taking Halloween costume pictures. This was our TV box. My husband … Read more