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Cool Homemade Nascar Couple and Dog Costume

Nascar girl costume: I found the black body suit and hoop earrings at Forever 21 ($15 + $3). Red bottoms was the hardest thing to find!! I went to multiple malls and thrift stores. I ultimately ended up buying a pair of red leather shorts off of Poshmark ($18). I bought checkered bandanas from Hobby Lobby for $1 to put in my hair and to tuck into the side of my shorts. I already owned the tall black boots.

Nascar boy costume: Nascar clothing is expensive. We lucked out by finding this Talladega Nights shirt and homemade hat for sale on Facebook marketplace for $20.

Dog costume: My boyfriend constructed the entire car. He used cardboard boxes as his base and used hot glue to attach the poster board. Everything was glued on poster board pieces except for the flames which he drew by hand with a marker. We duct taped a belt to the car and used that to attach it to our dog. However, this didn’t prevent the car from sliding backwards as my dog walked so we also used some rope which we duct taped to the front portion of the car and then thread through my dog’s collar. We bought a flame bandana from Hobby Lobby for $1 for our dog as well.

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