Coolest Race Car Costume

Find an old box that is just the right size for your driver. Cut a hole in the middle of the box that your child can fit into. Use an extra piece of cardboard to add to the front and back of your cardboard box to shape it and round the edges. (Use duck tape to hold your car together.) You can create a border for the winshield as well.

Use spray paint to paint the entire car. Next, you will need to cut thin plastic wrap to fit inside the windshield. Hot glue your plastic onto your cardboard cut out windshield. Time to embelish and decorate your Homemade Race Car Costume! I just printed and glued race car themes to the car.

Create headlights and taillights you can buy stick on lights at Walmart. Visit a thrift store (or your child’s old toy box) to find an old ride on toy with four wheels for your car. Attach the wheels to your car using a small block of wood and a screw. I used scrapbooking sticker letters to spell out “Goodyear” on each tire.

To hold the car up, we got some checkered material and stapled it to the inside of the car (like a pair of suspenders).

Homemade Race Car Costume

Homemade Race Car Costume

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