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Coolest Bull Rider Cowboy Costume

I got the idea for this costume several years ago in a magazine. I made the costume first for my daughter who dances. She was a ballerina riding a unicorn. I then remade it for my nephew as a cowboy riding a bull. A friend of mine saw pictures and wanted the costume for her son (in the picture). He is at the age of enjoying cowboys and Indians so the costume fit him well.

The costume required a cardboard box for the bull, a cereal box for the head, a pair of old blue jean shorts, a pair of blue jeans, stuffing, boots, bandanna, hat, some rope,a pair of men’s white knee socks and black shoes.

We started by painting the boxes for the bull’s body and head white with black spots. (Turn the cereal box inside out before painting it white, you will not need as many coats of paint this way). Hot glue the cereal box to the body and paint the face how you want it (you could make him mean looking for a bucking bronco!)

Cut the bottom of the box out completely and a hole in the top for the riders body to fit through. Use the cardboard you cut away to make legs, horns,and ears for the bull. Glue a piece of rope to the end of the box for the bulls tail, and also a piece behind the head for the rider to hold.

Paint black spots on the tube socks for the rider to wear which create the bulls front legs. (you could also use tights sweat pants or long johns)take pipe cleaners and loop them through the handles of a pair of cowboy boots and safety pin them up in a pair of blue jeans. Next stuff the legs of the blue jeans. Once the rider is in the costume you will hold them to the rider using a belt.

Assembling the costume for wear:

Have the rider wear blue jean shorts (with belt loops)and out on the socks and low top black shoes. A western style button down shirts tucked into the shorts and wrap a bandanna around their neck. Step in to the hole cut in the box for the bulls body. Drape the stuffed blue jeans over the shoulders of the bull. Take a belt and run it through the front belt loops of the blue jeans, the back of the jean shorts, and back around to the front of the jeans. Fasten it tight enough to help keep the costume lifted. Top it off with a cowboy hat!

I entered this costume in a local costume contest each year it was made. It placed all three times.

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