Coolest Popcorn Costume

Courtney as Pop Corn

This popcorn costume was jointly made by a friend of mine and myself for her daughter. I did a similar version of this costume when my children were younger so we took the original idea and updated it a bit. The costume is made using a large box, red, white, and black paint, some spray … Read more

Coolest Rock Star Costume

Dakota the Rock Star

Inspired by Waynes World which was very popular during my brother’s teenage years, I made this rock star costume for my 11 year old nephew. It was created using a box, a pair of boots I bought at Good Will, an Indian wig that we cut into the mullet, and some scrap material I had … Read more

Coolest Aquarium Halloween Costume

Chase as Nemo

I made this aquarium costume for my 3 year old son using a box for the base, 2 yards of material (could use a cheap table cloth), a swimming cap, craft foam, fake eye lashes, aquarium gravel, thin strips of wood, and fish tank decor. I started by cutting the bottom out of the box … Read more

Coolest Bull Rider Cowboy Costume

Homemade Bull Rider Cowboy Costume

I got the idea for this costume several years ago in a magazine. I made the costume first for my daughter who dances. She was a ballerina riding a unicorn. I then remade it for my nephew as a cowboy riding a bull. A friend of mine saw pictures and wanted the costume for her … Read more

Coolest Bubble Gum Machine Halloween Costume

Anna as a Bubble Guml Machine

I made this Bubble Gum Machine Halloween costume for my 2 year old neighbor. It required red paint, a box, balloons, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, and a swimming cap. I started by cutting the bottom out of the box, two holes for the arms, and a hole in the top for his head. Cut strips of … Read more