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Coolest Bubble Gum Machine Halloween Costume

I made this Bubble Gum Machine Halloween costume for my 2 year old neighbor. It required red paint, a box, balloons, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, and a swimming cap.

I started by cutting the bottom out of the box, two holes for the arms, and a hole in the top for his head. Cut strips of Styrofoam about 3 inches wide and glued them around the bottom of the box and painted the whole thing with red spray paint.

Then I cut the top of the costume out of Styrofoam, first a square the same size as the top of the box, then a 6 inch circle, and glued them together. Then I glued a foam golf ball to the top and painted the entire top with the red spray paint. I cut a small hole in all 4 corners of the box and using thin strips of wood I Attached the box to the top. Hot glue the ends of the wood to make sure it stays in place.

I found a swimming cap at our local Dollar tree to put on the child and make her one of the gum balls. Though not in the picture, I painted her face to match the swimming cap, and applied fake eyelashes.

Lastly, I blew up small balloons to make the rest of the gum balls. My original idea was to take clear vinyl and wrap it around the strips of wood to hold the balloons in; however, packing the balloons inside it around her face seemed dangerous. So I went an alternate route by tieing the balloons together with fishing line and gluing each end of the line to the top and bottom of the machine.

I made the turn knob and the door out of Styrofoam covered in aluminum foil and hot glued them into place. Lastly, I made a quarter our of cardboard and covered it with aluminum foil for her to carry along with a “gum ball” balloon in the other hand.

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