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Coolest Rock Star Costume

Inspired by Waynes World which was very popular during my brother’s teenage years, I made this rock star costume for my 11 year old nephew. It was created using a box, a pair of boots I bought at Good Will, an Indian wig that we cut into the mullet, and some scrap material I had around the house. We took the costume to an area costume contest and he won 3rd place.

I started by painting the box which would be the speakers. We simply painted it solid black, and then two white circles for the actual speakers. I had to measure the box to hit about the mid of his calf so he would be able to walk easily once the costume was completed.

Next I cut the bottom out of the rubber boots I found at Good Will and glued them to the speaker box. Using some scrap material I had at home I made the pants and headband for the rock star outfit. He wore a shirt that he already had.

I found a wig for an Indian at Wall-Mart and we cut it into the mulet and teased it to make it look a little more rocked out and tied the head band around it.

Lastly we got him into the costume and gave him a toy guitar we had from when my children were young. He really enjoyed the costume and would walk around with his tongue hanging out or making rock star gestures with his hands.

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